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Round Dance Articles by Sandi & Dan Finch

These articles were originally written for their regular club newsletter and as clinic notes for various conventions and festivals. The Dixie Round Dance Council (DRDC) is grateful for permission to reprint.

&a1, &a2, Oh No! the Rolling Count in Dance Music
A Few Notes On Advanced Bolero
A Few Notes On American Smooth Waltz
A Few Notes On East Coast Swing
A Few Notes On Merengue
A Few Notes On Paso Doble, "The Other Two-Step"
A Few Notes On Quickstep
A Few Notes On Slow Two Step
A Few Notes On West Coast Swing
A Formula For Learning
A Little Hard Work Ahead
A Salute To the Blackfords
A Turn Like No Other, the Heel Turn
A Who's Who
An Approach to Advanced Tango
An Old Idea Is New Again -- Posture
And What Do I Do With My Arms
Arms -- I Can't Do A Thing With Them
Arms: I Can't Do A Thing With Them II
Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry
Balance On the Dance Floor
Ballroom Dancing Is Not For Sissies
Can't Wait To Start Dancing
Chainé Turns, A New Way To Rotate
Changes Are A-Coming
Changes Over the Years
Chassé With Me
Commit Fully To Each Step
Dancer's Feet
Do You Shape?
Don't Be Tricked By SQQ
Exotic Rhythms
Feathers, Feathers, Everywhere
Finding Solutions for Common Problem Figures in Smooth Dancing
Foxtrot You Say?
From Where We've Come
Fun and Art: -- They Can Co-exist
Getting Them To Like Tango
Heel Turn -- Not Just Another Turn
Hesitation Canter Waltz
History of the Modern Latin Rhythms
How About A Little Tango?
How Are Dances Categorized?
How Figures Come To Be
How to Mess Up A Truning Figure
I Got Rhythm
If You Want Dancing To Be More Fun, Show Your Happy Face
If You've Danced One Chasse
In's & Out's Of SCP
Is It A Cross Body, Turning Basic, or Left Pass
Is It Art? Sport? Science?
It Only Seems Like A Marathon
It's 4/4, But What Is It?
It's All About Time
It's More Than Just Banjo -- Making Sense of CBM and CBMP
Just What Is There About the Argentine Tango
Keeping It Simple, Frame and Posture
Let's Learn to Twist
Making Do
Making the Most of the Situation
Musicality: Using the Motivation of the Music
Need A Reminder? General Rules for Dancing
Nothing New Under the Sun?
Oh, My Aching Feet
One Figure, Three Rhythms
One Smooth and One Latin
Palmquist Palm Springs Round-Up, 50th Anniversary, 2021 -- A Tribute to the Palmquists
Partner Dancing
Paso Doble -- The Beginning
Phase Levels -- Where do You Start?
Picture Figures: The Magic Act in Dancing
Posture and Frame
Remembering What We've Learned
Resolutions and Thoughts
Reverse Fallaway
Shake It Up With A Little Jive
Smoothing Out Those Slows
Standing On Your Own Feet
Stretch for Safe and Comfortable Dancing
Suggestions for Correct Dancing
Take Care of Your Fascii
Teacher's (and Dancer's) Lament
The All-American Dance
The Art of Heel Turns
The Atomic Elements of Dance
The Busy Bee of Gravity
The Foxy Foxtrot
The Left and Rights: Improving Your Rotational Figures
The Neuron Dance
The Three Forms of Both Rise and Sway
There's A Funny Thing About Turns
Thinking Outside the Box
Time To Revisit Balance
Tips and Tools for Better Dancing
What To Do With My Head
What's In A Name?
What's In A Name II
Well Noted
When the Music Talks to You
When the Words Began to Change
Where Am I In Space and Time?
Where Did They Get THAT Name?
Where Might We Go From Here?
While We're Waiting
Why Bother With Standards?
Why Can't I Remember That?
Woman's Head, Left or Right?
Yes, You May Video, But . . .


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